Tape to Disc ROM

Acorn Electron ROM published 34 years ago by Slogger Soft.

Emulated in MAME !
Information for the following ROM(s): t2c3 t2cu101 t2cu t2p3100 t2p3101 t2p3200 t2p3201 t2p3 t2p4200 t2p4201 t2p4 t2peg400 t2sd t2sedfs200 t2sedfs


Tape to Disc ROM © 1985 Slogger Soft.

THE TAPE TO DISK ROM was developed to fill the need for an easy way of running privately owned tape programs from disk, instead of the laborious wait of a program to load from tape, some programs, notably games, taking perhaps as much as five minutes to load!


Contains the following ROMs:
T2P3 for Acorn PLUS 3 ADFS.
T2SEDFS for Slogger Electron Disk Filing System.
T2CU for Cumana Disk Filing System (double density).
T2P4 for AP4 and E00 DFS.
T2SD for Solidisk Disk System (single density only).
T2C3 for Challenger 3 (single density only).

Program's ROM image.