Tape 18: Candy Man + River City Gambling

Bally Astrocade cass. published 39 years ago by L&M Soft.

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Candy Man + River City Gambling © 1983 L&M Soft.

Candy Man
The candy factory is enchanted. There are 2 jokers (Tooter & Scooter) and 4 gremlins (Harem, Farem, Darem & Scarem) who play tricks on the Candy Man.

The factory is in a mess since the jokers have scattered life savers all over the floor. The Candy Man must eat them up as quickly as possible while avoiding the jokers.

be careful because the jokers will get their buddies, the gremlins, to help them keep the life savers.

Are you up to it? This game will give you all the enjoyment of its famous cousin of coin-op fame (Pac-man). With Blue screen bonus score & bonus lives.

River City Gambling
A dice game. Also relead on Tape No. 1 as 'River City Gambler'.


Tape No. 18


Released in January 1983.