T&E Virtual Golf [Model VUE-VVGJ-JPN]

A 23-year-old Nintendo Virtual Boy Game by T&E Soft.

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T&E ????????? © 1995 T&E Soft

(T&E Virtual Golf)

Tee off for 18 holes of realistic 3-D links! Virtual Boy Golf elevates the game to an incredible new level!

Determine your strategy as you ponder the conditions. Check your position and the distance to the pin. Select a club and adjust your swing. Consider the wind factor carefully or you could end up out of bounds! Each dimensional fairway provides harrowing hazards to challenge players of all handicaps. Swing into action and go for a hole in one!




Released on August 11, 1995 in Japan.
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Executive Producer: Hiroshi Yamauchi
Producer: Gunpei Yokoi
Director: Tadashi Nakatsuji
Chief Programmer: Akihito Matsunami
Polysys Programmer: Eiji Kato, Kentaro Nishiwaki, Hideaki Kazaoka
Art Coordinator: Osamu Koyanagi
Main CAD Programmer: Katsuhisa Ota
3D Designer: Yoshimori Aisaka
Sound Programmer: Hideo Sugiyama
Sound Specialist: Ken Kojima
Product Debug & Testing Unit: Super Mario Club

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