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Tak 2 - The Staff of Dreams [Model AGB-BT9E-USA]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 20 years ago by T-HQ, Inc.

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Tak 2 - The Staff of Dreams [Model AGB-BT9E-USA] screenshot

Tak 2 - The Staff of Dreams © 2004 T-HQ, Inc.

Join Tak in an epic adventure, as he must learn all new Juju magic to recover the Staff of Dreams and defeat Tlaloc once and for all. Tak's role in the great Prophecy of the Pupanunu people isn't over. Rather, it's just begun! It's not easy being Jibolba's apprentice, and Tak's got the bruises to prove it. Now dabbling with new abilities, Tak is creating a little Juju magic of his own! He's even working on mastering the ancient Juju magic of animal-morphing. Between possessing, and turning different spirit animals, Tak's got a lot to learn. And he better do it fast because Tlaloc has begun his return with vengeance on his mind.

* 9 brand new linear environments including the Woodlands, Mountain Highlands, The River, The Geo-Thermal Region, Mangrove Swamp, the Dream World, Planetarium, Dream Temple and the Inner Sanctuary!
* Incredible new Juju powers such as animal-morph abilities which introduce unique gameplay elements.
* Juju potion mixing abilities for Tak to create his own Juju magic.
* Expanded combat system and new weapons that include the Thwark, Bolas, and the powerful Dream Shaker.
* All-new characters including 3 brand new Juju gods, 9 Nightmare creatures, and Jibolba's brother (JB).
* Each game box comes packed chock full of Juju!


Cartridge ID: AGB-BT9E-USA


Released on October 11, 2004 in USA.

Export releases:
[US] "Tak 2 - The Staff of Dreams [Model AGB-BT9P-EUR]"


Helixe Studios
Project Lead: David Konieczny
Lead Programmer: Peter Tieryas
Lead Artist: Jason Beene
Animators: Adam Tierney, John Beauchemin, Christopher D. White, Jason Beene
Programming: Jason Benham
Additional Programming: Jeff Dixon, Mat MacKenzie, Pat McElhatton, Jeff Rubin, Michael Seegers
Audio Director: Mashi Hasu
Game Design: Jason Beene, Jason Benham, David Konieczny, Peter Tieryas, Mark Tsai
Project Manager: Mark Tsai
General Manager: Kurt Bickenbach

Creative Manager: Stephen Jarrett
Project Managers: Kathleen Nicholls, Rachel DiPaola
Technical Manager: Peter Andrew
Art Director: Thom Ang
Licensing Manager: Stephanie Wise
Director, Project Management: Duncan Scott Kershaw
VP, Product Development: Philip Holt
Director, Quality Assurance: Monica Vallejo
Test Supervisor: Travis Tholen
Test Lead: Luis Sánchez
Testers: Jake Jarvi, Michael Ricco, Lukas Weyandt, Eric Williams
First Party Supervisor: Evan Icenbice
First Party Specialists: Adam Affrunti, Joel Dagang, Scott Ritchie
QA Technical Supervisor: Mario Waibel
QA Technicians: James Krenz, Brian McElroy
Mastering Lab Technicians: Charles Batarse, Glen Peters, Jonathan Katz
Database Applications Engineer: Jason Roberts
Game Evaluation Team: Sean Heffron, Matt Elzie, F. Scott Frazier
Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing: Peter Dille
Director Global Brand Management: John Ardell
Senior Product Marketing Manager: Danielle Conte
Product Marketing Manager: Ed Lin
Director of Creative Services: Howard Liebeskind
Creative Services Managers: Kirk Somdal, Stephanie Barr
Creative Services Coordinator: Melissa D
Manual Writer: Erica David

THQ International
Head of Brand Management: Michael Pattison
International Brand Manager: Karine Goethals
Associate International Brand Manager: Sarah Nicholson
Director of Localisation: Susanne Dieck
Localisation Engineer: Bernd Kurtz
Submission Coordinator: Florence Kum
THQ Special Thanks: Brian J. Farrell, Jack Sorensen, Tiffany Ternan, Germaine Gioia, Leslie Brown, Brandy A. Carrillo, Terri Schiek, Keith Kraegel, Juston Antony

Nickelodeon Interactive
SVP of Media Products: Stephen Youngwood
Director of Interactive Production & Marketing: Stacey V. Lane
Coordinator of Interactive Production & Marketing: Jack Daley
Creative Director Nickelodeon Creative Resources: Tim Blankley
Senior Designer of Interactive Nickelodeon Creative Resources: Rob Lemon
Nickelodeon would like to thank: : Eric Allan, Giuseppe Bianco, Kristen Buckley, Leigh Anne Brodsky, Pete Danielson, Jaime Dictenberg, Russell Hicks, Paula Kaplan, Pam Kaufman, Jodi Skoutas, Paul McMahon, Linnette Pastori, Miles Rohan, Jason Root, Joe Sandbrook, Eric Squires, Lori Szuchman, Geoff Todebush, Stavit Young, Chezza Zoeller, Debra Krassner


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