Dedicated Computer published 58 years ago by Raytheon

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T.E.M.P.E.R. © 1963 Raytheon Corp.

A military simulation game used by the United States Department of Defense/Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was the first world model of international conflict. The game was the first dynamic interdisciplinary mathematical model of long-term global Cold War conflict. Multiple countries and blocs are simulated in the game on both an economic, military and political level. The computer makes decisions for a nation for all these models including interaction with other nations. The user can set an initial set of conditions and the model will generate a hypothetical history for a time span of roughly a decade. Ten to twenty nations could be simulated at a time.


T.E.M.P.E.R. stands for 'Technological Economic Military Political Evaluation Routine'.


Programmed by: Clark Abt