Sylphia [Model THCD3001]

NEC PC-Engine CD published 31 years ago by Tonkin House

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Sylphia © 1993 Tonkin House.

Sylphia is a vertical shooter published by Tonkin House. The game draws from Greek mythology and tells the story of Sylphia, a female warrior with a tragic destiny. Her tale starts as she lays fatally wounded in the temple of Athena - merciless monsters have taken over the city and she perished as she desperately tried to protect innocent villagers. The gods, touched by the sincerity of the young woman's devotion and love, decide to give Sylphia another chance... Now turned into a Sylphid with tremendous powers, the female warrior embarks on a long journey of revenge, ready to fight for her homeland. Sylphia starts equipped with a fairly basic fire weapon that can be upgraded in various ways - four different types based on the four basic elements are available throughout the game, from Fire (Red), Air (Green), Water (Blue) and Earth (Brown). Each weapon type is associated with an additional sub-weapon which range from Homing Fireballs (Red), Reverse Fire (Blue), Ring Blades (Green) and Rotating Rocks (Brown). Sylphia can also trigger a devastative special attack that deals great damage to on-screen enemies - this power is obviously available in limited quantities and may only be be used in desperate situations. Various other items are available for the taking, such as extra lives, Mirrors/Gems (slowly increase a health bar located at the bottom of the screen that gives the player an extra life when full) and Green Orbs (increase the active weapon's power level). Sylphia consists of eight stages and is single player only.


Game ID: THCD3001


There has been much controversy over the origins of Sylphia - was the game developed by the prolific game maker Compile? Although their name is not specifically listed in the end credits, all signs indicate that the Japanese company developed the game. First of all, Sylphia used to be listed on the Compile homepage before it was taken down. Additionally, several artists from the staff listed at the end of the game worked on several other Compile games.


Level Select Screen: Go the option screen and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, II and II. This will activate the Level Select Menu. Interestingly, the gorgeous map displayed in this hidden menu is not available in the original game, and it is anyone's guess as to why the developers didn't use it to show the player's progress...


Producer: Ikuroh Urai
Supervisor: Yoshiie Matsumura
Director: Junichi Nagatsuma
Co-Ordinator: Takao Araki
Programmer: Shinichi Nogami

CD/DA Song Writing Crew (1st): Keiji Takewchi, Satoshi Shimazaki, Katsumi Tanaka
CD/DA Song Writing Crew (2nd): Einosuke Nagao, Tsuyoshi Matsushima
CD/DA Song Arrange Crew are made of this (Rhythm int'l): Katsumi Tanaka (LMSRecordings)
CD/DA Recorded and Mastered at HitfactoryJapan (LMS Recordings)
CD/DA All Song Published by LMS Music inc
CD/DA Produced and Directed by: Kaysumi Tanaka (LMS Recordings)
CD/DA Sound Presented by LMS Recordings

Sound Effects: Akiyoshi Nagao
Voice Actors: Sonchoh Sawa, Crude Matsuoka
Graphic Designer: Neko Koneko, Tenji Satoh, Shunsuke Takashima, Kohji Teramoto, Hideo Hotta, Shouji Mizumoto, Riu
Logo Designer: Yokorin
Package Designer: Makoto Jindai
Game System Adviser: Takayuki Hirono

Special Thanks to: Emarin, Iwane, Kawai, Ma-Chu, Pochi, Wild20g, Kerol, Katsuji Suenaga, Nattoh


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