Swords and Sorcery

PLATO soft. published 44 years ago by Gillies & Mayeda

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Swords and Sorcery © 1977 Gillies & Mayeda .

A Star Trek variant in a fantasy setting. Instead of the Enterprise the player controls a hero. The game retains the game world of a 10x10 universe with each quadrant consisting of 10x10 tiles. Hiding in the tiles the player can find all kinds of threats such as wizards, demons, werewolves, goblins, zombies and a dragon. The player can go to the castle to receive a mission (e.g. kill a number of enemies of type x) and earns experience points for various actions in the game. The player also accumulates gold and collect different weapons and equipment. Players can also chop down trees. The game does not feature player interaction, but there is a spectator mode.


The game became available on the PLATO network in 1977 and was updated until 1979. Magic items were added in spring 1978.


Programmed by: Donald William Gillies
Created by: Jim Mayeda
Later work by: Kurt Mahan, Andy Weise