Sword of Sodan

Commodore Amiga 500 disk published 36 years ago by Discovery Soft.

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Sword of Sodan © 1988 Discovery Soft.

Hack and slash video game. There are two playable characters: Brodan or his twin sister Shardan, whose gameplay characteristics are identical despite their physical differences. The character walks in a horizontally scrolled world from left to right, defeating enemies with their sword, wielded either standing or kneeling. Though the player is also equipped with a shield, it is merely for decoration.

Before each level starts, a map appears, showing the player's progress through the land on their way to castle Craggamoor. Scrolls give additional information about the current location. Once the player enters the castle, the map is replaced by a gloomy picture of an outside view of the castle. Most of the levels consist of simply fighting enemies with the sword, but sometimes the player must avoid traps or solve puzzles.

The player starts with five lives, an energy meter and a hit strength level. A player's energy is reduced every time they are hit by enemies, but their hit strength can be increased by using potions. There are different types of potions. Some increase hit strength, some give an extra life, some provide short-term invincibility, while still others kill the current opponent immediately.

There are eleven different areas, five in the area surrounding the castle, and six within. The player starts at their own city gate, and progresses through the countryside towards the castle, passing through city streets, a forest and a graveyard. Once within the castle, the player wanders through catacomb-like levels, which lead to the wizard's tower at the end. The world is inhabited by 13 different enemies and a single supporting character, the ostrich-like creature called The Animal.

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Sword of Sodan was created by three Danish engineers from Discovery Software in 1988. According to programmer, Sword of Sodan on the Amiga was at the top 10 selling charts for more than six months and selling about 55,000 copies.

Due to the violent nature of the game, it was indexed by the German BPjS/BPjM in 1989.

The original 1988 release for Amiga got mostly favorable reviews by the magazines, with praise for the graphics, which included large, detailed sprites, unusual for that time.


* Cheat mode:
Enter NANCY or RAD as a name at the high score screen to enable cheat mode with unlimited lives.
Press ENTER to advance to the next level.

* Cheat mode (alternate):
Begin game play, and achieve a score that will be displayed on the high score screen. Enter any name at the high score screen, then begin another game. Press FIRE to move around and find a safe location.
Stand at this location, type discoverysoftware, then press ENTER to enable cheat mode with unlimited lives. A message will confirm correct code entry. Press ENTER to advance to the next level.

* Unlimited lives:
Select a player, begin game play, and intentionally die. Play again with the same character, and repeatedly press ENTER while the game loads.

* Unlimited lives (alternate):
Begin game play as the Hero and intentionally lose all lives on the first screen. Select the Heroine for the next game to begin with unlimited lives.


Programmer: Søren Grønbech
Graphic artist: Torben Bakager Larsen
Musician: Julian Lefay
Executive Producer: Rick Ross


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