SVC Chaos - SNK Vs. Capcom Super Plus

The SNK Neo-Geo MVS Cart. by Unknown (PIRATE GAME)

SVC Chaos - SNK Vs. Capcom Super Plus screenshot

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[ARCADE] SNK Neo-Geo MVS Cart.

SVC Chaos - SNK Vs. Capcom Super Plus © 2003 Unknown.

This hack of "SVC Chaos - SNK Vs. Capcom" enables all mid-bosses and final bosses for selection without having to input the codes to select them. Note : the Final-Bosses (Shin Akuma, Serious Mr. Karate, Athena, and Red Areemer) were not able to be played in the standard version of this game and no codes could be entered to select them, so this hack gives the player a chance to play as them. For some reason though, Geese's and Zero's sounds are missing.


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