Survival Island [Model AR-4401]

Atari 2600 Cass. published 36 years ago by Starpath

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Survival Island © 1983 Starpath Corp.

Meet the challenges of a devastating shipwreck and a desolate wilderness island; then explore the mysteries within the secret temple.

While sailing across uncharted waters in the South Pacific searching for the ruins of a lost civilization, a sudden storm ravishes your vessel. As your ship sinks, you struggle to keep afloat, knowing that your only chance is to reach the island that looms in the distance. A raft from the ship floats nearby. Swimming with grave determination through shark infested waters, you reach the raft and manage to clamber aboard. Now you stand a chance.

Food and water are your next concerns. Without an adequate supply, you will surely perish. Occasional debris from the ship floats by as you slowly drift toward your destination. Containers of food and water appear. If you could only collect them before you reach the island, you would be able to live on them while you explore the island.


Model AR-4401


This game was available only via mail order after Starpath declared bankruptcy.


Programmer: Scott Nelson

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