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SuperCross 3D [Model J9044E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 29 years ago by Atari Corp.

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SuperCross 3D [Model J9044E] screenshot

SuperCross 3D © 1995 Atari Corp.

Welcome to San Jose, home of the first race on the Supercross tournament circuit. The stands are filled to the max with fans waiting for the tournament season to get under way. The riders are warming up and making last minute adjustments to their bikes for ultimate performance on this challenging track. Each rider waves confidently at the crowd, sure of their skills. Each thinks it could be their year. Excitement is in the air and expectations are high. It's a new season, after all, and the slate has been wiped clean. Sure, there are some favorites, winners from previous years, but anything can happen.

As the riders move into the gate, an expectant hush falls over the crowd. Who will pull out in front as the riders freight train into the first curve? Two bikes go down in a heap as the riders surge forward. The rest of the pack maneuvers around them and the crowd waits with bated breath. Who's going to come out in front? You are!

You take the lead coming out of the first corner and quickly get on the gas. The whoops are coming up fast and you brace your body for the punishing bumps to come. You're careful to hit the whoops straight on. The last thing you want to do is endo in front of all these people. After the whoops you gun straight for the first jump. Do you have the speed to do a triple? You do! You're comfortably out in front, so you take the time to do a nac nac for the crowd in midair.

Oops. That jump cost you some time. The rider who was yards behind you is now right on your tail. The two of you are neck and neck coming to the next jump. His jump lands him slightly ahead of you but you cut the corner tightly and once again you're leading by a wheel. The crowd is going wild. Who will claim the first win of the tournament? Only you know for sure...


Model J9044E


Crash Replay: Anytime during play, press Pause, then 1-5 to replay the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth crash. After the fifth crash, 5 becomes the most recent crash, 4 the second most recent, etc...


Producer: Vince Zampella, Faran Thomason
Lead Tester: Phil B. Gelber
Marketing Product Manager: Jeanne Winding
Creative Services: Greg LaBrec, Diana Bredfeldt, Beeline Group, Inc.

Concept Design and Executive Producer: Dympna Forkin
Technical Design: John Prince
Programming: Chris Brunning
Graphics Design and Animation: Barry Armstrong, The B.A.D. Studios
Special Thanks: Donald Campbell, Gary Marshall, Doug Anderson, Dave Stead


Game's ROM.