Super Wagan Land 2 [Model SHVC-S6]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 26 years ago by NAMCO

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Super Wagan Land 2 © 1993 Namco, Limited.


[Model SHVC-S6]


Released on March 25, 1993 in Japan.

The second installment of the series for the Super Famicom. The story continues from where Wagan Land 3 left off. This installment introduced various elements, such as the inclusion of special equipment and the ability to revisit previously completed stages. In addition to the gravity stages introduced in Wagan Land 3, this installment introduces a variety of other stages such as flying stages where Wagan must fly through the sky using a rocket booster while avoiding enemies, underwater stages where Wagan must proceed by equipping an undersea rotor, and stages where the player must control a tiny character. The new mini-games introduced in this installment includes a Latin alphabet guessing game and a faster version of the shiritori game. This installment is the only game where Dr. Devil becomes an ally of the player. The game features a standard route that the player takes, as well as an alternate hidden route, making this installment a bit closer to the first two Famicom installments. The player must complete both routes in order to see the real ending.


1. Wagan Land [Model NAM-WL-4900] (1989, FC)
2. Wagan Land 2 [Model NAM-WL2-5800] (1990, FC)
3. Super Wagan Land [Model SHVC-SW] (1991, SFC)
4. Wagan Land 3 [Model NAM-FW3-5800] (1992, FC)
5. Super Wagan Land 2 [Model SHVC-S6] (1993, SFC)
6. Wagan Paradise [Model SHVC-AWLJ-JPN] (1994, SFC)
7. Mega Wagan Land (2005, V-AP)
8. Hirameki Action - Chibikko Wagan no Oukina Bouken (2009, DS)

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