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Super Smash T.V. [Model SNS-TV-USA]

Nintendo Super NES cart. published 32 years ago by Acclaim Ent., Inc.

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Super Smash T.V. [Model SNS-TV-USA] screenshot

Super Smash T.V. © 1992 Acclaim Ent., Incorporated.

There was a time when the only way you could experience the explosive, arcade action of SMASH TV was to play it in the arcade. The was then...

Get ready for the real arcade game as you blast mutant cyborgs, pulverize club wielding mechanoids and blow tactical assault tanks to smithereens. Win cars and roadsters - but first destroy the metal munching twin cobras, 30 tons of angry Mutoid Man and more. After all, this is the TV game show with the ultimate in prizes... your life!

Goodies for Super Smash T.V. [Model SNS-TV-USA]
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Cartridge ID: SNS-TV-USA


Super Smash T.V. for Super NES was released in February 1992 in North America.

Goodies for Super Smash T.V. [Model SNS-TV-USA]
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