Super Roll

A Coin-op Bowler by UNIS

Not emulated yet.


Super Roll © 200? UNIS [Universal Space].

The Super Roll is a 10 ft. alley equipped with a virtual alley software. It combines the all-time popular alley game with the added excitement of 4 unique themes: Traditional-Alley theme, Basketball theme, Aliens theme and Robot theme.

Players will be tempted to play game after game in order to beat their own previous scores. There is also an optional Bonus/Jackpot marquee available to link up to 4 units, providing greater incentive for players, and can compete with one another to win the Big Bonus displayed on the marquee.

The advantage of video software is the allowance for easy adjustment in ticket settings, ball settings, etc. Optical sensors are used in the target area to control the scoring rather than micro switches, providing more convenience and fewer problems.


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