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Super Pong

Arcade Video game published 50 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Super Pong screenshot

Super Pong © 1974 Atari.

New Paddle action from the originators of "Pong" and video-game technology. With Super Pong, one or two players try to coordinate three paddles each, keeping the ball going over the net... after it has been served from ANYWHERE on the court, randomly! You never know where the next serve will come from. And, the player actually directs the movement of the ball with his hit, depending on wich paddle is used. Free-moving, increasing-speed ball and multiple paddles-per-player all add up to challenge and action. Super Pong challenges even experienced '"Pong" pros' with new enthusiasm.

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Released in February 1974, selling at an MSRP of $595.


1. Pong (1972)
2. Pong Doubles (1973)
3. Quadra Pong (1974)
4. Super Pong (1974)
5. Pong - The Next Level (1999, PC CD-ROM, Sony PS and Game Boy Color)


Atari "Super Pong [Model C-140]" (1976) usa: contains 4 games.
Atari "Super Pong Ten [Model C-180]" (1976) usa: contains 10 games.
Atari "Super Pong Pro-Am [Model C-200]" (1977) usa: contains 4 games.
Atari "Super Pong Pro-Am Ten [Model C-202]" (1977) usa: contains 10 games.


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