Super Mario Bros. [Model NES-SM-USA]

Export Nintendo NES cart. published 39 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

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Super Mario Bros. © 1985 Nintendo.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original Famicom version for more information; "Super Mario Bros. [Model HVC-SM]"

Description from the back cover:

Do you have what it takes to save the Mushroom Princess?

You'll have to think fast and move even faster to complete this quest! The Mushroom Princess is being held captive by the evill Koopa tribe of turtles. It's up to you to rescue her from the clutches of the Koopa King before time runs out. But it won't be easy. To get to the Princess, you'll have to climb mountains, cross seas, avoid bottomless pits, fight off turtle soldiers and a host of black magic traps that only a Koopa King can devise. It's another non-stop adventure from the Super Mario Bros.!

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Cartridge ID: NES-SM-USA
Barcode: 045496630140


Super Mario Bros. for NES was released on October 18, 1985 in North America.

It was one of the 18 launch titles of the NES in the USA.


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