Super Ghouls'n Ghosts [Model SNSP-CM-NOE]

The Nintendo Super NES Game by Nintendo Co., Ltd. (EXPORT VERSION)

Super Ghouls'n Ghosts [Model SNSP-CM-NOE] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo Super NES Game

Super Ghouls'n Ghosts © 1991 Nintendo Company, Limited.

European release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "Chou Makaimura [Model SHVC-CM]".


Cartridge ID: SNSP-CM-NOE



Sony PlayStation europe (sept.3, 1999) "Capcom Generations 2 - Chronicles of Arthur [Capcom Generations Disc 2] [Model SLES-11881]"
Microsoft XBOX europe (nov.18, 2005) "Capcom Classics Collection"
Sony PlayStation 2 europe (nov.18, 2005) "Capcom Classics Collection [Model SLES-53661]"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] europe australia (mar.9, 2007) [Model JA4P]
Nintendo Wii U [Virtual Console] europe australia (may.16, 2013) [Model JATP]


Nintendo Game Boy Advance europe (sept.27, 2002) "Super Ghouls'n Ghosts [Model AGB-AG5P-EUR]"
Sony PSP europe (nov.10, 2006) "Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded [Model ULES-00377]"
Sony PSP australia (nov.16, 2006) "Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded"

Game's ROM.

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