Super Fire Pro Wrestling - Queen's Special [Model SHVC-AQQJ-JPN]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 24 years ago by Human Ent.

Super Fire Pro Wrestling - Queen

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Super Fire Pro Wrestling - Queen's Special © 1995 Human Ent.

Super Fire Pro Wrestling: Queen's Special is licensed by All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling and contains a selection of 36 female wrestlers. Challenge for the Red belt or have a One Night Match. There is also Battle Royal, One Night Tournament and the Elimination Match. You can create your own original female wrestler using the Wrestler Edit mode as well.

Up to four can play simultaneously.



Players: 4
Control: 8-Way Joystick
Buttons: 4
=> [Y] Weak strike/grapple, [B] Medium strike/grapple, [A] Strong strike/grapple, [X] Run


Released on June 30, 1995 in Japan.

This is the last game with the Fire Pro name to be officially licensed by a professional wrestling promotion.

It features the following Joshi (female) performers licensed by the All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling promotion:

Manami Toyota
Etsuko Mita
Mima Shimoda
Kyoko Inoue
Takako Inoue
Mariko Yoshida
Sakie Hasegawa
Chaparrita ASARI
Kaoru Ito
Jaguar Yokota
Bison Kimura
Aja Kong
Yumiko Hotta
Suzuka Minami
Toshiyo Yamada

Pure Pro-Wrestling (PWA) is a stand-in for JWP Project and features the following characters based on these female wrestlers (Fire Pro name at left, real name in parentheses on the right):

Demolition Emperor (Devil Masami)
Charmy Hazuki (Cutie Suzuki)
Splendid Hirari (Hikari Fukuoka)
Funny Clown (Bolshoi Kid)
Xijing Dinosaur (Dynamite Kansai)
Hunter Ozawa (Mayumi Ozaki)
Sambo Marina (Plum Mariko)
Milky Tomo (Candy Okutsu)

Raural and Renaissance (RAR) is based on Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling, featuring these characters based on the following:

Between Emi (Rumi Kazama)
Shooter Saiki (Harley Saito)
Ladies Suicide (Yasha Kurenai)
Shiho Kanzaki (Shinobu Kandori)
Crow Sawada (Eagle Sawai)
Noriko Takano (Kiyo Tateno)

Independent World (IW) has the following female wrestlers based on those from Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling:

Army Tomita (Combat Toyoda)
Sudo Mig (Megumi Kudo)

Freelance features wrestlers that originated from female wrestling promotion GAEA at the time of the game's release:

Mariposa Shiori (KAORU)
Tigureta Saori (Infernal KAORU)
Vampire Woman (Chigusa Nagayo)
Bumper Honey (Bomber Hikari)
Lions Noether Azusa (Lioness Asuka)

The following can be discovered in Wrestler Edit (their Fire Pro names aren't known at this time):

38 - Blizzard YUKI
39 - Reina Jubuki
40 - Mimi Magiwara
41 - Super Heel Devil Masami
42 - Command Bolshoi
43 - Shark Tsuchiya
44 - Crusher Maedomari
45 - Hiromi Yagi
46 - Bat Yoshinaga


When playing the One Night Match, Tournament, Elimination or Battle Royal Modes, you can access a very difficult 'Super Heavyweight' difficulty by moving to the COM Level option, holding Select and pressing Left or Right.

Earn the Red Belt in the Challenge Mode to unlock hidden wrestlers Akira Hokuto and Bull Nakano. Alternatively, highlight Options on the Mode Select screen, hold the Select button, and press B, which will unlock the two hidden wrestlers. It's not known if the latter process will save onto the game's battery back-up, however.

Defeat Akira Hokuto in the Edit division of Challenge Mode to earn 1921 EDIT points to customize your edited wrestler. It is only awarded to the EDIT wrestler, not the Edit Mode itself.


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