Super Fire Pro Wrestling III - Final Bout [Model SHVC-F3]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 31 years ago by Human Ent.

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Super Fire Pro Wrestling III - Final Bout © 1993 Human Ent.

Super Fire Pro Wrestling III: Final Bout features 56 wrestlers including the new four player battle royal mode, improved control and an enhanced Edit mode with a battery RAM save feature.


Cartridge ID: SHVC-F3-JPN
Barcode: 4959143600096

Players: 4
Control: 8-Way Joystick
Buttons: 4
=> [Y] Weak strike/grapple, [B] Medium strike/grapple, [A] Strong strike/grapple [X] Run


Released in Japan in December 28, 1993.

Super Fire Pro Wrestling III: Final Bout includes over 50 playable characters each based on real life personalities, but given altered names due to a lack of a professional wrestling license. The wrestlers will be listed here below with their in-game name left and their real name right:

Victory Musashi = Antonio Inoki (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Fighter Yamato = Tatsumi Fujinami (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Hurricane Rikimaru = Riki Choshu (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Zombie Masa = Masa Saito (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Hiro Date = Hiroshi Hase (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Storm Keisuke = Kensuke Sasaki (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Shinya Hatamoto = Shinya Hashimoto (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Masahiro Kono = Masahiro Chono (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Ken Budoh = Keiji Mutoh (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Flash Barton = Scott Norton (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Hyper God Super Kaiser = Jushin "Thunder" Liger (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Phantom Guy = Pegasus Kid (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
El Kamikaze = El Samurai (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Blade Hayate = The Great Sasuke (Michinoku Pro Wrestling)
Tommy Bomber = Jumbo Tsuruta (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Tsukasa Yagami = Akira Taue (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Mitsuhide Hikawa = Mitsuharu Misawa (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Toshiie Kazama = Toshiaki Kawada (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Keiji Togashi = Kenta Kobashi (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Kyoji Akitoshi = Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Star Bison = Stan Hansen (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Big the Great Bull = Bruiser Brody (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Kerry Bogey = Terry Gordy (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Steel James = Steve Williams (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Akira Saeha = Akira Maeda (Fighting Network RINGS)
Takashi Kajiwara = Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Pro Wrestling Fujiwara-Gumi)
Nobuhisa Sanada = Nobuhiko Takada (Union of Wrestling Forces International)
Kazuki Yamamoto = Kazuo Yamazaki (Union of Wrestling Forces International)
Masakatsu Higaki = Masakatsu Funaki (Hybrid Wrestling Pancrase)
Mitsuro Midzuki = Minoru Suzuki (Hybrid Wrestling Pancrase)
Wolf Van = Volk Han (Fighting Network RINGS)
Rick Gray = Dick Vrij (Fighting Network RINGS)
G.O. Bright = Gary Albright (Union of Wrestling Forces International)
Win Harlock = Wayne Shamrock (Hybrid Wrestling Pancrase)
Thunder Ryu = Genichiro Tenryu (Wrestle and Romance)
Azteca Dragon = Ultimo Dragon (Wrestle and Romance)
Axe Duggan = Hulk Hogan (World Wrestling Federation)
Astro Blaster = The Ultimate Warrior (World Wrestling Federation)
Iron Blaster = Animal (World Wrestling Federation)
Knight Blaster = Hawk (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Killer Blaster = Power Warrior (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Big Stamina = Rick Steiner (World Wrestling Federation)
Small Stamina = Scott Steiner (World Wrestling Federation)
Hitman Saber = Big Van Vader (World Championship Wrestling)
Smasher Gam Gam Gigas = Bam Bam Bigelow (World Wrestling Federation)
Blade Musha = The Great Muta (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
The Spike = Sting (World Championship Wrestling
Mascara Condor = Mil Mascaras (Wrestle and Romance)
Mascara Eagle = Dos Caras (Empresa Mundial de Lucha Libre)
Mad Tiger = Tiger Jeet Singh (Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling)
Bloody Allen = Bad News Brown (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Pirate Number 1 = Billy Gasper (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Pirate Number 2 = Barry Gasper (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Katsushi Okita = Atsushi Onita (Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling)
Mister K = Koji Kitao (Wrestle and Romance)
Ittetsu Wakamoto = Kotetsu Yamamoto (New Japan Pro Wrestling)


Select the LOAD option on the main menu. Then pick PASSWORD. The following passwords will have you, as Hitman Saber, face the following boss characters:

BYOL = Harry Texan Jr. (Dory Funk Jr.)
QIOL = Kerry Texan (Terry Funk)
DI6L = Masked Panther (Super Tiger)
SYOL = Dynamic Kid (Dynamite Kid)
FY6L = Rikiouzan (Rikidozan)
UI6L = The Eliminator (The Destroyer)
WY6L = R.J. Phase (Lou Thesz)
HIO3 = Carlos Krauser (Karl Gotch)

These passwords will give you a team of Hitman Saber and Nobuhisa Sanada to face the following tag teams:

GOYDQV = Vs. Harry and Terry
TK4HUB = Vs. Panther and Kid
A24HUB = Vs. Rikio and Eliminator
R24HUB = Vs. Krauser and Phase

Enter AAAAAA as your password to start a new tag team Championship using two Victory Musashis in your team.

Enter KICHIJOJI on the password screen. Your edited wrestler can now be customized using any of the color palettes of the hidden boss wrestlers.


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