Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2 [Model SHVC-FF]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 32 years ago by Human Ent.

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Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2 [Model SHVC-FF] screenshot

Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2 © 1992 Human Ent.

Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2 is the first ever 4 player wrestling video game to appear on the Super Famicom with 25 selectable wrestlers on offer.


Cartridge ID: SHVC-FF
Barcode: 4959143600065

Players: 4
Control: 8-Way Joystick
Buttons: 4
=> [Y] Weak strike/grapple, [B] Medium strike/grapple, [A] Strong strike/grapple [X] Run


Released in Japan in December 25, 1992.

Each of the 25 wrestlers available are based on real wrestlers from various promotions but are given fake names due to a lack of license. In the following list, the name listed to the left is the name used in the game, and the wrestler's real name is listed right:

Victory Musashi = Antonio Inoki (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Fighter Yamato = Tatsumi Fujinami (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Hurricane Rikimaru = Riki Choshu (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Shinya Hatamoto = Shinya Hashimoto (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Super Kaiser = Jushin Liger (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Tommy Bomber = Jumbo Tsuruta (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Tsukasa Tagami = Akira Taue (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Mitsuhide Hikawa = Mitsuharu Misawa (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Toshiie Kazama = Toshiaki Kawada (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Blade Musha = The Great Muta (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Takashi Kajiwara = Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Pro Wrestling Fujiwara-Gumi)
Masakatsu Higaki = Masakatsu Funaki (Pro Wrestling Fujiwara-Gumi)
Akira Saeha = Akira Maeda (Fighting Network RINGS)
Rick Gray = Dick Vrij (Fighting Network RINGS)
Thunder Ryu = Genichiro Tenryu (Super World of Sports)
Axe Duggan = Hulk Hogan (World Wrestling Federation)
Star Bison = Star Hansen (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Kerry Bogey = Terry Gordy (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Steel James = Steve Williams (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Katsushi Okita = Atsushi Onita (Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling)
Mad Tiger = Tiger Jeet Singh (Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling)
Abdul the Danger = Abdullah the Butcher (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Hitman Saber = Big Van Vader (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Smasher G. Gigas = Bam Bam Bigelow (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Masahiro Kono = Masahiro Chono (New Japan Pro Wrestling)


Enter PASSWORD. Then hit any one of the following to face these hidden wrestlers:

4B2ZI U273H MBXTO D5272 03YRQ UCMQZ XBLKJ Z5SFR RR = Dynamic Kid (Dynamite Kid)
HRUC7 YENG5 IR6WM VJENE MGASQ YTIQC 6RFDB XLQ3T 62 = Mask De Panther (Tiger Mask)

The following passwords allow you to start either a new Hard Mode Singles Championship or a Hard Mode Tag Championship:

MWEGE I6ZEZ THOP6 FRCZD Y2XDI KDLMN NE4WS 70RAX 5F = Singles Championship (Hard Mode)
2WLPL T7ULU IR6A7 NEHUJ SWQJT XJZ24 4L3OG B6EDQ LT = Tag Championship (Hard Mode)

There is a third and final tournament, the 2 on 1 Handicap. These passwords allows you to start in it or face hidden boss teams:

ZA4E4 7QRYT 5CXWN SBQRQ NYAG6 7K56I XCUME 30PLG 66 = Start the 2 on 1 Handicap Championship
C3P42 T7IBY DMZRH QE717 HB3NL TODL5 ZMA64 SP3DN GI = Vs. Musha and Budoh
XT6ED PV2WC H4SOJ 6YV2V JWTML P5HLU S4GFE 7NTXM 7Z = Vs. Panther and Kid

The following codes only work in Exhibition Match (second option at left of Main Menu), Elimination Match (third option at left) and Open League (first option on the right). Hold L and R buttons then press B on the following wrestlers:

Victory Musashi = Mask De Panther
Fighter Yamato = Dynamic Kid
Blade Musha = Ken Budoh

Also in the same modes of play, holding Select button and pressing B allows you to select the wrestler in his alternate attire. Super Kaiser and Blade Musha carry more alternate ring gear variations selected by holding Select and Y, L and B or R and B to confirm wrestler selection.


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