Super Columns [Model G-3226]

The Sega Game Gear Game by SEGA Enterprises

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Super Columns © 1995 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

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[Model G-3226]


Super Columns for Game Gear was released on May 26, 1995 in Japan.


1. Columns (1990, Arcade)
2. Columns II - The Voyage Through Time (1990, Arcade)
3. Columns III - Revenge of Columns (1993, Arcade)
4. Stack Columns (1994, Arcade)
5. Super Columns [Model G-3226] (1995, Game Gear)
6. Columns '97 [Model 610-0373-20] (1997, Arcade)
7. Hanagumi Taisen Columns - Sakura Taisen (1998, Arcade)
8. Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 (2000, Dreamcast)
9. Columns Crown (2002, GBA)

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