Super Burnout [Model J9052E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 28 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Super Burnout [Model J9052E] screenshot

Super Burnout © 1995 Atari Corp.

Get your motor runnin' - you're in for the most challenging motorcycle racing experience ever.

Whether you're racing in the championship, competing against a friend or just trying to beat the records, this race is so real you'll feel the g-force, hear bugs crash against your helmet and smell the burning octane.

Feel the adrenaline pumping through your blood as the announcer signals the start of the race. As you zoom away from the start, the engine's roar will be echoed by your pounding heart. Hit the first curve at break-neck speed and launch into the straights as you push your bike to the limit.

As you finish each lap, your ears will ring with the crowd's thunderous cheers. Pushing your bike to the edge, scream past the competition and pound home to the finish.


Model J9052E


- The dark marks on the track shows a perfect trajectory at 100 MPH. Always be on the inside when entering a turn - you'll be able to slide without leaving the track and you won't lose crucial speed.
- Never hesitate to reduce the turn's radius by going on the grass or the sand just before the turn. If you don't stay there too long, your speed will be reduced just enough so that you can turn without causing an accident. This technique works best on hairpin curves with a minimal loss of speed.
- When you hit or bump a challenger, you will only fall down if the speed difference between your bike and his bike is very high.
- Some oils stay on the track after a crash. Avoid the oil or your bike will lose grip for the first five seconds back in the saddle.

* Turbo Speed (at title screen): 1,9,6,7,2 (musical beep) (Note: Automatic transmission option must be active. When bike's speed reaches 175mph, turbo accelerate by pressing C or the firebutton configured for 'nothing'. Top speed is 343mph and speed records are not acknowledged or saved.)

* The Punisher bike (at title screen): 2,1,7,9,4 (musical beep) (Note: It's a high acceleration, high grip, fast bike. You can toast all previous lap records especially with the turbo. It's basically just the best bike!!)

* Display Version Number: While turning on the Jaguar, hold A+B+C.


Designed by: SHEN

Producer: Bill Rehbock
Assistant Producer: Loic Duval

Project Manager: Elysee Ade
Programmer: Olivier Nallet
Graphics: Tan Kheang
Additional Graphics: Olivier Baron
Music: Alex Ekian
Lead Tester: Tal Funke-Bilu
Testers: Lance Lewis, Manuel Souza, Dan Mc Namee, Harry Kinney, Chris Charles, Frank Coles, Sean McInnes, Nathan Tan


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