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List of sound playables on this page (26 files):

01 the magnificent four (attract mode).vgz
02 [sfx] shot.vgz
03 [voice] yeah-hey!.vgz
04 time to set off (player select).vgz
05 wanted! (boss introduction).vgz
06 gunfight at the sunset corral (stage 1, 5, 8).vgz
07 butch cassidy and sunset riders (stage 2, 7).vgz
08 face with courage (stage 3).vgz
09 the rosy setting sun (stage 6).vgz
10 its time to pay! (stage 1 boss).vgz
11 draw, pilgrim! (stage 2 boss).vgz
12 you and he, big trouble! (stage 3 boss).vgz
13 we are gonna blow you away! (stage 4 boss).vgz
14 adios, amigo! (stage 5 boss).vgz
15 me ready for pow-wow! (stage 6 boss).vgz
16 ay, chihuahua! (stage 7 boss).vgz
17 the great petal (stage 8 boss).vgz
18 quick draw (bonus stage).vgz
19 please help my friends (stage 3 demo).vgz
20 dance over night (cancan dance).vgz
21 escape (stage 7 demo).vgz
22 yuppie! (stage clear).vgz
23 continue of sorrow (continue).vgz
24 hic jacet (game over).vgz
25 looking up at the stars (ranking).vgz
26 the big win (ending).vgz