Suishou no Ryu [Model SQF-SSD]

A 32-year-old Nintendo Famicom Disk. by Square

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???? © 1986 Square Company, Limited.

(Suishou no Ryu)

Suichou no Ryu is a futuristic graphic adventure game by DOG (Disk Original Group) and published by Square. The game tells the story of a young boy in a futuristic and imaginary world and most of the action takes place on a distant planet and its two moons. His friends and the space shuttle they were traveling on have mysteriously disappeared. Our hero's journey starts in a small spacecraft with a enigmatic girl on his side. He doesn't clearly remember what just happened and he can only recall this much - he was flying to his friends' rescue on a small craft and the terrific noise and flashes of light that followed when an enormous blue dragon appeared from nowhere and crushed the ship. Soon, they both reach the local space station and the girl disappears as quickly as she appeared. Who is she ? What happened to the boy's friends ? where is this Crystal Dragon coming from ? These are some of the questions our hero will try to answer. The game offers simple controls providing the player with several actions (all symbolized with simple icons displayed on top of the screen) such as Move, Look, Take, Speak... a cursor can also be moved around the screen and points where the desired action is happening. Collected items are also symbolized with small icons, making them easier to identify. However, the rest of the game is all in Japanese (no Kanjis though) and will certainly be a challenge for non-Japanese speaking players.




Suishou no Ryu was released on December 15, 1986 in Japan for 3400 Yen. Like most of DOG (Disk Original Group) games, Suichou no Ryu comes in a large box. The game's documentation also includes a short 24 pages Manga Comic and tells the story of all the game protagonists, up to the point where the game starts.

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