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Submarine Commander [Model 49-75142]

Atari 2600 cart. published 42 years ago by Sears

Listed in MAME

Submarine Commander [Model 49-75142] screenshot

Submarine Commander © 1982 Sears.

The object of the game is to sink as many enemy ships as possible. As you sink ships, you score points. Some of the ships can drop depth charges, which might damage your submarine.

Depth charges are indicated on the depth charge detector gauge. The gauge alerts you to the closeness and the seriousness of a depth charge. Because your sub is equipped with sonar detection, you can identify the location of enemy ships before they are sighted through the periscope. This allows you to shoot a torpedo before the enemy drops a depth charge.

Your sub also carries 3,000 units of fuel and two torpedo launchers. The fuel level is proportional to the engine temperature. Watch the engine temperature gauge at the top center of the screen. The more maneuvers you make, the hotter the engine gets. Every torpedo launched uses three units of fuel, but every depth charge hit costs 300-377 units of fuel. Some fuel is also used just to run the submarine engines. When all the fuel runs out, the temperature gauge turns black, and the game is over.

Submarine Commander includes eight game variations. All odd-numbered games are for one player; all even numbers are two-player games.
Games 1 and 2 are the easiest Submarine Commander games. In these two variations, the enemy ships do not shoot depth charges. All you have to do is shoot torpedoes to sink the enemy ships before you run out of fuel.
In Games 3 and 4, only the destroyers attack with depth charges.
In Games 5 and 6, you will have to avoid the depth charges of both destroyers and PT boats.
Games 7 and 8 are the toughest. You will be dodging depth charges from destroyers, PT boats, and tankers.


Model 49-75142


This game is a Sears Tele-Games exclusive.


* Your submarine is equipped with many gauges, each of which is equally important. To learn to scan all of the gauges during game play, it is best to master one gauge at a time. When you learn one, add another gauge. With lots of practice, you will soon be using all of the gauges.

* Learn to detect the sounds of the PT boats. If you listen, you can hear them coming just before you see them on the screen.

* Try to sink as many PT boats as possible. They are worth the most points, and they only need one hit to go down.

* The easiest position to shoot from is the lowest level on the screen. Pull the joystick back (toward you). When you have mastered ail of the gauges, use the sonar detector and move up to the horizon (push the joystick forward). Ships on the horizon are worth the most points, but you are more vulnerable to their depth charges.


Programmer: Matthew Hubbard


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PC [MS Window, CD-ROM] usa (nov.11, 2003) "Atari - 80 Classic Games in One! [Model 25069J]"
PC [MS Window, CD-ROM] europe (june.10, 2005) "Atari - 80 Classic Games in One! [Replay]"
usa Steam (mar.24, 2016) "Atari Vault [Model 400020]"

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