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Street Fighter - The Movie

Arcade Video game published 29 years ago by Incredible Technologies, Inc.

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Street Fighter - The Movie screenshot

Street Fighter - The Movie © 1995 Incredible Technologies, Incorporated.

Digitized fighter based on the incredibly horrible movie, featuring fourteen selectable characters.

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Main CPU: Motorola 68EC020 (@ 25 Mhz), M6809 (@ 2 Mhz)
Sound Chips: ES5506 (@ 16 Mhz)

Screen Orientation: Horizontal
Video Resolution: 384 x 256 Pixels
Screen Refresh: 60.10 Hz
Palette Colors: 32768

Players: 2
Control: 8-Way Joystick
Buttons: 6
=> LP (Jab), MP (Short), HP (Fierce), LK (Strong), MK (Forward), HK (Roundhouse)


Street Fighter The Movie was released in June 1995.

3 years earlier, Midway tried to get Van Damme to do a digitized fighting game based on the movie 'Bloodsport'. When that fell through, the game was adapted into "Mortal Kombat" and its Johnny Cage character was based on Van Damme's character in Bloodsport. Things worked out great for Midway as they ended up with a game that was a huge hit instead of just a slightly prettier version of the terrible "Pit-Fighter". After seeing the success of MK, Van Damme agreed to be digitized for a game based on his Street Fighter movie. Consequently, 'Street Fighter - The Movie' turned out to be little more than a MK rip-off that lacked the charm of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

This game tanked in arcades for two reasons. The first being that the Street Fighter live-action movie that this game is based on was universally panned by moviegoers and video game fans alike (read: the movie was TERRIBLE). The second reason was that many diehard Street Fighter fans just didn't find the digitized characters appealing, as they lacked the initial charm of the original drawn sprites. What was overlooked, however, was that this is a decent fighting game in its own right and failed due to poor marketing and public squeamishness.

This arcade game marks Raul Julia's second appearance in coin-ops, the first being the highly popular Addams Family pinball table. This makes him a member of a very exclusive club within arcade games: A man who lent his likeness and talents to a commercial triumph and a turkey within 5 years. Sadly Raul Julia passed away on October 24, 1994 from a stroke aged 54. This game was released eight months after his death and Street Fighter - The Movie was his second to last role.

In the SFTM game, you can have Fei Long's theme as a secret theme, but Fei Long himself has no connections to the movie whatsoever. Why is that? According to documents at the time, the role that Fei Long was going to play was replaced by Captain Sawada, largely because there was not enough character development for Fei Long in SSF2.

Guile: Jean-Claude Van Damme
M. Bison: Raul Julia (1940-1994), Darko Tuscan
Chun-Li: Ming-Na Wen
Cammy: Kylie Minogue
Ryu: Byron Mann
Sagat: Wes Studi
Ken: Damian Chapa
Vega: Jay Tavare
Balrog: Grand L. Bush
Honda: Peter Twiasosopo
Zangief: Andrew Bryniarski
Sawada: Kenya Sawada
Akuma: Ernie Reyes, Sr.
Blade: Alan Noon

After beating the game with Blade it will be revealed that he is Guile's brother. In addition it says that Blade's real name and profession is Gunloc, a wrestler. Gunloc is a wrestler from Capcom's "Saturday Night Slam Masters". Blade's fourth consecutive throw reversal is called a 'Slam Master'.

In Chun-Li's ending it says she goes back to the United States and becomes a medical resident in a Chicago emergency room. The actress that played Chun-Li (Ming Na Wen) played the role of Jing-Mei 'Deb' Chen (1994-1995 and 2000-2004) on NBC's medical drama E.R. (Emergency Room) that takes place on Chicago County General Hospital.

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Revision 1:
* Software version: 1.10

Revision 2:
* Software version: 1.11

Revision 3:
* Software version: 1.12

Revision 4:
* Software version: 1.12N


* Extended Combo Mode: Hold the joystick Right then press Start then LK at the character select screen.

* Classic Soundtracks: To hear some classic soundtracks from Street Fighter II, enter these codes on the VS screen...
Ryu - LP, LP, MP
Vega - LP, LP, HP
Guile - LP, LP, LK
Sagat - LP, LP, MK
Ken - LP, LP, HK
Honda - MP, MP, LP
Chun-Li - MP, MP, HP
Cammy - MP, MP, LK
Fei Long - MP, MP, MK
Balrog - MP, MP, HK
Blanka - HP, HP, LP
Bison - HP, HP, MP
Zangief - HP, HP, MK
Akuma - HP, HP, HK

* Fight Arkane: You must be fighting in Bison's lair. Look for Blade to appear in the background and press Start as soon as you see him.

* Fight Khyber: You must be fighting in the dungeon stage. Get a perfect on the first round and wait for the middle platform to fall, as soon as it falls press start and you'll find yourself face to face with Cyber.

* Play as Arkane: At the character select screen, highlight Blade, press down 20 times then press all 3 kick buttons.

* Play as Khyber: At the character select screen, highlight E.Honda then move to Ryu, E.Honda, Balrog, E.Honda, Ryu, E.Honda, Balrog, E.Honda, Ryu, E.Honda, Balrog, E.Honda then press all 3 punch buttons.

* Random Character Select: Hold the joystick Up and press Start at the character select screen.

* Team Mode: Press Start then press HK at the character select screen.

* Easter Egg: If you press Start during a match on the Kommande Centre stage, the main television screen will display a short clip of Van Damme flexing his muscles for the camera.


The game was never officially ported to home consoles. A fighting game was released for the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn also titled Street Fighter - The Movie, which used the same digitized footage as the arcade game, is actually a completely different game based on the "Super Street Fighter II Turbo" engine. The home version was originally released under the title of Street Fighter - Real Battle on Film in Japan.


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