Street Fighter Collection [Model T-1223G] [Disc 2]

The Sega Saturn Game by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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[CONSOLE] Sega Saturn Game

Street Fighter Collection © 1997 Capcom Company, Limited.

The Greatest Collection of Fighters Has Just Entered The Arena!

This CD features :
- "Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash" : Features new animations, moves, and modes of play; discover the secret code to unlock the first appearance of Cammy in the Zero series, brought home in its true arcade form for the first time.

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Disc 2 of a 2-CD package
[Model T-1223G]


This is the second disc of a 2-CD package for Sega Saturn titled "Street Fighter Collection", released on September 18, 1997 in Japan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise.

It was then released as a standalone (without the first disc) on November 19, 1998 as a Ssturn Collection edition [Model T-1244G].

The game featured on this CD is known in Japanese arcades as "Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha".


Highlight Zangief, Dhalsim, Vega, Sagat, Ken or Ryu and press Start once to reveal their EX versions, press Start twice for Chun-Li. These versions use techniques from Street Fighter II' and have no Super meter, Zero Counters, or other features from the Zero series.

Press Start twice while highlighting Ryu to reveal Satsui No Hadou Ni Mezameta Ryu. Press Start once while highlighting Chun-Li to change her into her SFII costume. Press Start five times while highlighting Sakura and Gouki for special Sakura colors and Shin Gouki, respectively.

In Arcade Mode, play as Vega (or EX Vega) and beat the highest score (50,000) in the game. Enter the initials "CAM". Now enter Versus Mode or Training. Highlight Vega and press Start twice to reveal Cammy in her X-Men Vs. Street Fighter appearance.

When playing in Arcade Mode, have a second player join in. Have the second player highlight any character and hold Start for a second, then release and select any character to play in the stage you chose. To play in Australia, highlight Sagat and hold Start for five seconds. Do not release Start and select any character. For Venezuela, highlight Nash instead of Sagat.

Select Survival by holding L and Chun-Li will fight you in her SFII costume and your final battle will be against Shin Gouki. Select Survival by holding R and your final battle will be against Vega.

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