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Star Rider

Arcade Video game published 41 years ago by Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Star Rider screenshot

Star Rider © 1983 Williams.

A motorcycle race game that takes place on different planets in outer space. The different worlds consisted of 'Cubitania', 'Hexagonia', 'Crystallia', 'Stalacta', and a few others. Each race starts and finishes in the 'Cosmodrome', which is a space stadium where the 'Robofficial' announces the player's status and race results. As you leave the 'Cosmodrome', your opponents, 'Thunderbolt', 'Sidewinder', 'Red Hawk', and 'Gold Rider' are out on the road getting in your way. You must avoid hitting any obstacles in your path while trying to win the race.


This game uses a laser disc.

The game was produced in both an upright and a sit-down version (where the player would sit on a replica of the cycle).


Star Rider was released in November 1983.

This game was the first commercially released game to use pre-rendered 3D computer graphics and was very advanced for its time.

Sinistar, from the Williams game of the same name, makes a cameo appearance in one of the levels.

A Star Rider machine was showed up at the 2003 classic arcade games show 'California Extreme', San Jose, California.


Directing software development: Ken Lantz
Leader programmer: Richard Witt
Creative director: John Newcomer


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