Standard [Model 616-A]

A 81-year-old Coin-op Jukebox by Wurlitzer

Not emulated in MAME


Standard © 1937 Wurlitzer.


Standard [Model 616-A] the Coin-op Jukebox
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Model 616-A

Number of selections : 16


7,000 units were produced.

Paul M. Fuller was born in Switzerland on the 5th of January, 1897. Late in 1935 Paul M. Fuller, by then a noted design genius, was employed as a consultant by The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company (usually referred to simply as 'Wurlitzer') in North Tonawanda, New York to design jukebox cabinets, and later became the head of the design department. During the years at The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company Paul M. Fuller had a total of 17 jukebox cabinet designs patented in his own name. In 1949, soon after leaving the jukebox trade Paul Fuller established his own design engineering company in Oneida (the Paul M. Fuller Company), and continued working with furniture and piano designs until he died only 54 years of age. Paul died at the Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo NY on March 29th, 1951.


Cabinet designed by : Paul M. Fuller

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