Stampede [Model AG-011]

A 37-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Activision, Inc.

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Stampede © 1981 Activision.

Climb into your saddle and start ridin'! You'll want to practice playing your horse and rider in the right position to rope and herd those dogies without letting any get by you - and to dodge any surprises on the trail.

To rope: position your horse directly behind the dogie you wish to lasso. The rope will always be thrown directly in front of your horse, and the loop 'must' touch a dogie in order to rope him. If you attempt to rope a steer which is too far away or too close, you'll come up empty. When you get more at home on the range, you'll know the right time to throw your rope. It's impossible to score well if you can't keep the game going long enough to rope a passel (?) of dogies. The only way to do that successfully is to keep the cattle in a herd in front of you. Herding is as important as roping in helping you run up your score. When you ride just behind one of the dogies, you'll notice he'll speed up and run further out in front of your horse. Since all dogies do not run at the same speed, you will have your work cut out for you to keep them all together and ahead of you.

Game 1: Sidekick
Game 2: Pilgrim
Game 3: Cowpoke
Game 4: Wrangler
Game 5: Top Hand
Game 6: Trail Boss
Game 7: Rancher
Game 8: Cattle Baron

Each game of Stampede offers a different pattern, speed and movement of the dogies, providing new challenges every time you play.

Game One / Sidekick Level: When the game begins, dogies lop along, gradually running faster as the game progresses. They will run only straight ahead, and they travel in a specific pattern. Dark Red Herefords are first. After you rope these critters, the Light Brown Jerseys appear, followed by the Medium Brown Guernseys. Keep your eyes peeled for an occasional Black Angus.

Game Two / Pilgrim Level: Same as Game 1, except all dogies try to avoid your lasso by moving up and down the screen.

Game Three / Cowpoke Level: Same as Game 1, but there is no set pattern of appearance of dogies on the screen.

Game Four / Wrangler Level: Same as Game 3, but all dogies try to avoid your lasso by moving up and down the screen.

Games Five through Eight: Same patterns as Games 1 through 4, except all dogies start out at a full gallop.


Model AG-011


Programmer: Bob Whitehead


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