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Stadium Mud Buggies [Model 9100]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 36 years ago by INTV Corp.

Listed in MAME

Stadium Mud Buggies [Model 9100] screenshot

Stadium Mud Buggies © 1988 INTV.

Score points by performing in nine events, either individually or one after the other. Compete against a friend, a computer driver, or against your own top score.


Model 9100


Essentially, this is a super-enhanced version by Rick Koenig of his own Motocross game for Mattel Electronics. Developed as Monster Truck Rally (and announced with that name in the Fall 1988 INTV catalog), the decision to change it to Stadium Mud Buggies was made after the game was complete.

Score for each event is based on how fast you run the course, plus the number of cars you crush in the CAR CRUSH, COMBO COURSE, and MONSTER RALLY events. Your score is based on a total of three runs for the DRAG RACE, TUG OF WAR, and DONUTS events, and for those events in the MONSTER RALLY.
When two players compete, a buggy is automatically pushed forward if it falls too far behind, adding a penalty to the driver's score.
A score of 1000 for each event is viewed as better than average, except the three-attempt events, where 1500 is better than average. A good MONSTER RALLY is around 10000 points. The length of an event does not effect the score.

* It's sometimes better to crash into your opponent rather than letting him or her cross the finish line first.

* Water is easier to drive across than mud.

* In the DRAWBRIDGE event, build up enough speed and you may be able to use a drawbridge as a ramp to jump the next one.

* In the CAR CRUSH event, cut off your opponent and crush the cars he or she is about to drive over.


Design/Program: Rick Koenig
Graphics: Connie Goldman
Sound: David Warhol
Package illustration: Keith Robinson


Game's ROM.