Spot Goes to Hollywood [Model T-7001H]

A 22-year-old Sega Saturn Game by Virgin Interactive Ent.

Emulated in MAME !

Information for the following ROM(s): spotgou


Spot Goes to Hollywood © 1996 Virgin Interactive


Game ID: T-7001H


Game Director: Mark W. J. Kelly
Executive Producer: Mark W. J. Kelly
Programming Team: Heather Barclay, Jerod M. Bennett, Stuart Gregg, Mark W. J. Kelly
Art Team: Jeffrey Berting, Jeanne Brinker, Jaqueline Corley, Ray Huerta, Mila Kelly, Martin McDonald, Patrick Moran, Molly Talbot, Jennifer Terry, Michael Witt, Perry Zombolas
Design Team: Jared Brinkley, Mark W. J. Kelly, Martin McDonald, Tom Rademacher, Jon Williams
Additional Design Ideas: Chris Bauer, Chris Harvey, Julian Rignall
Director of Audio: Keith Arem
Flick Music: Keith Arem
Sound Effects: Keith Arem
Audio Department Coordinator: David Fries
Additional Sound Design: Joey Kuras, Mical Pedriana
Director of Video: Robb Hart
Video Support: Lou Chagaris, Jeff Gordon
Executives in Charge of Burst: Neil Young, Christopher D. Yates
Concept Art: Julian A. Moran
Additional Thanks: Tom Bernardo
QA Director: David Maxey
QA Administrative & Planning Analyst: Chris McFarland
QA Group Supervisor: Stacey Mendoza
QA Team: Glenn Burtis (Lead Analyst), Nick Camerota, Greg Corzine, Robert Dearborn, David Johnson, Jason Lewis, Gordon L. Madison Jr., Chris Nelsen, Stuart Roch, Paul Shoener, Rob Smith
QA Technical Specialist: Paul Moore
Vice President of Marketing: Russell Kelban
Director of Marketing: Jane Gilbertson
Product Manager: Nancy Feiner
Editorial Manager: Lisa Marcinko
Director of Production: Gail Hetland

Game's CD.