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Splatterhouse [Model NC90002]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 34 years ago by NAMCOT

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Splatterhouse [Model NC90002] screenshot

Splatterhouse © 1990 NAMCOT.

Splatterhouse is a side-scrolling horror themed action game developed by Namco, and conversion of the arcade game of the same name. It stars two young scientists interested in paranormal phenomenons, Rick Taylor and Jennifer Wills, who one day decide to investigate a strange old mansion that that has been known to harbor many terrifying secrets. The gloomy house, named the 'Splatterhouse' by the locals, is owned by Dr West, a renowned scientist rumored to conduct bizarre and gruesome experiments. One night, as they arrive at the mysterious mansion, a storm starts raging and they are forced to take shelter inside the dark place. They both come under attack and Rick falls unconscious. When he regains consciousness, he discovers that Jennifer is gone, and that a creepy mask with supernatural powers (the "Hell Mask") now covers his face. His body has also mutated into that of a repulsive, and yet tremendously powerful, burly creature. Rick must now explore the mansion and find his beloved Jennifer - but hordes of murky deadmen, impaled zombies, flesh eating worms and other nightmarish and grotesque creatures are now on the loose everywhere. Rick can punch with his bear fists and kick (low, jump kicks and slide kicks), and can also pick up weapons scattered throughout the game, such as a planks of wood (the 'two by four'), spears, a lethal meat cleaver or a shotgun. More than just enemies, the game also throws disguised booby traps and ominous obstacles at the player, such as sharp blades, spikes, bottomless pits and other lethal dangers. Splatterhouse consists of seven levels, and some stages even branch out (through holes in the ground or ladders) and allow the player to take alternate routes.

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HuCARD ID: NC90002
HuCARD Size: 4 Mbits.


Splatterhouse was released on April 03, 1990 in Japan for 6800 Yen.

The arcade game Splatterhouse was originally released in 1988. There are some differences between the original arcade game and this PC Engine conversion. First of all, the introduction sequence was dramatically reduced and only features the exterior view of the mansion (we don't see Jennifer and Kirk running through the rain, or the Hell Mark taking over the hero's body and soul). The in-between level screens are also different - although the arcade game shows a picture from the coming stage, the PC Engine port shows one of the creature the player will eventually fight there. Interestingly, the gore factor was also toned down a little - for instance, the first level features prison cells in the background and mutilated human bodies which were completely removed from the PC Engine port. Weapons have also be shuffled around, for instance although Rick first picks a meat cleaver in the arcade version, the PC Engine port features a wooden plank, and the cleaver only appears once in the chapel stage (and was curiously turned into a Golden Cleaver).

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Stage and sound select screen:
On the title screen, press Run to start a new game. Then, when the screen with the mansion in the rain appears, press Select three times, then hold down and left, and press I and II at the same time. The Stage select screen will appear. If you press Select on the level select screen, the menu will change to a sound test. Press Select again to switch back to the stage menu.


Director: Y. Asada, Mr. Yokoyama
Producer: Kazuu, Papaya Payapaya
Editor: Kirifune
Sound Program: T. Kobayashi
Sound: Joshua
Original Music: Chopin, Kawagen
Graphic Designed: Y. Sakakibara
Art: Akumakun
Original Art: M. Ishida
Visual Effect: T. Oda
Special Designed: Daihadan13
Title Designed: Spanky Usukura
Special Artist: Tenkomoriya~N
Special Thanks: Bolero


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;