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Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball [Model 9102]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 36 years ago by INTV Corp.

Listed in MAME

Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball [Model 9102] screenshot

Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball © 1988 INTV.

THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is to hit the ball over the net in such a manner that the opposing team is unable to return it within 3 hits of the ball. You control offensive moves (sets and spikes) and defensive moves (digs and blocks). Only the team that serves (puts the ball into play) can score points. If the serving team fails to score, a side out is awarded and the service changes to the opposing team.

First team to score at least 15 points with a 2 point advantage wins the game. Three games out of five wins the match.


Model 9102

KEYS 1 TROUGH 9: Select zone to aim for
CLEAR & ENTER: Select different team member
0: Hit ball over net early (first or second hit)
UPPER SIDE KEYS: Jump (for spikes or blocks)
LOWER SIDE KEYS: Dive in direction running
DISC: Run in direction pressed


Easter Egg: To display the credits, press 0 (zero) on either hand controller while the title screen is displayed.


Designer/Programmer: Steve Ettinger
Graphics: Connie Goldman, Steve Ettinger
Sound: David Warhol
Package illustration: Keith Robinson


Game's ROM.