A 35-year-old GCE Vectrex by GCE

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Spike © 1983 GCE [General Consumer Electric]

Our lovely and innocent heroine, Molly, has been kidnapped by the evil Spud! You will hear her cry, 'Eek! Help, Spike!' as he drags her away. Only Spike can save her from this awful fate. As soon as Spike kicks open the door to the villain Spud's hideaway shouting 'Oh, no! Molly!', the game field appears. Spike enters on the bottom catwalk... and then YOU have control of him!

There are three catwalks connected by a move-able ladder. Above the top catwalk, Molly has been imprisoned inside a cell. To help Spike rescue her, you must manoeuvre him to the top catwalk with the help of the ladder. Move him to the left or right and also make him climb the ladder with the joystick. If you want to make him jump a gap in the catwalks, press button 4 at the same time as you move the joystick. Press button 1 to move the ladder around and help Spike get to Molly's rescue faster!

You will also have to retrieve the key to unlock Molly's cell. It will appear in different places, so keep a sharp watch out!


Joystick: Moves Spike backwards and forwards along the moving catwalks, and helps him climb up and down ladders.
Button 1: Ladder/Cage - Changes the position of the ladder (and the cage on the top level) and selects a game for one or two players.
Button 2: Kick left
Button 3: Kick right
Button 4: Jump - Allows Spike to jump over hazards. Used with joystick.


This was the only release from the original GCE lineup of games that could talk (as the Vectrex didn't have speech capability). Molly says 'eek...help...Spike', sounding like the pieced-together automated phone services of today, then 'oh, Spike' when she is rescued, while Spike bellows 'oh no! Molly!' when she is kidnapped, and 'darnit!' when he loses a life.


Kicking a Bouncer-: 100 points
Kicking a Bird: 200 points
Collecting a Key: 500 points
Opening Molly's Cell: 2000 points


Earn one bonus life (an extra allowed defeat) for every 10,000 points.

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