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Spider - The Video Game [Model SLUS-C0230]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by BMG Interactive Ent.

Listed in MAME

Spider - The Video Game © 1996 BMG Interactive Ent.


Game ID: SLUS-C0230


Released on December 06, 1996 in the USA.


Boss Game Studios
Lead Programmer: Dan Chang
Programmers: Ryan Geithman, Bill Kristiansen
Interface Programmer: Warrick Holfeld
Creature Artists: Chuck Cole, Brian Sostrom, Luke Anderson
Level Art: Brian Johnson, Kip Carver, Ken Ray, Jake Kazdal, Hans Piwenitzky
Interface Art: Nick Heitzman
Level Layout: Robert L. Jerauld, Brian Johnson, Kip Carver, Jake Kazdal
Technical Director: Rob Povey
Art Director: Martin Sawkins
Creative Director: Seth Mendelsohn
Audio Director: Barry Leitch
Tester: Terry Ford
Tools Programmers: Armen Levonian, David Brickhill
Administrative Support: Kimberly Little
Controller: Elizabeth Rose
Secretary: Kristina Worley
Network Technician: Dave Sheffels
MIS Manager: Rob Johnson
Receptionist: Shay Chesley
Video Modeling and Animation (Equinox): Sean Ro, Aryeh Richmond, Anthony Fung, Andrew Chung, Brian Heins
Writer: Rob Salkowitz
Executive in Charge of Production: Colin Gordon
President & CEO, Boss Game Studios: Martin Rae
Video Voices Nanotech Computer: Christin Stuart
Female Agent: Kimberly Little
Microtech Agent: Kristina Worley
Doctor: Jake Kazdal
Evil Brian: Chuck Cole
Special Thanks To: Richard Edlund, Shahril Ibrahim, and staff at Boss Film Studios, Stanley McCammon, and our friends at Orca Bay, Cindy Armstrong, Karen Knight, Dave Bolson, Bill Clark, Mike Flemming, Ian Mathias

BMG Interactive
Executive Producers: Don Traeger, Michael Suarez
Assistant Producer: Kraig Horrigan
Technical Director: Christine McGavran
Technical Advisor: Colin McLaughlan
Director of Testing and Q/A: Tim LeTourneau
Testers: Sean Potter, Gary Ward, Jason Cordero, Christopher Porter
Product Marketing: Chris Bull, Scott Smith
Manual written by: Carol Ann Hanshaw, Neil Hanshaw
Packaging Design: Sandstorm Design
Cover Art Courtest of: SEMCON


Game's CD.