Space Shuttle Project [Model NES-6A-USA]

The Nintendo NES Cart. by Absolute Ent., Inc.

Space Shuttle Project [Model NES-6A-USA] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo NES Cart.

Space Shuttle Project © 1991 Absolute Entertainment, Incorporated.

Blast off with the crew of the Space Shuttle in this action-acked NES challenge! You'l carry out pre-flight checks, hear the voice of launch control, and experience spectacular day and night takeoffs that lead to six thrilling outerspace missions. Discover once and for all if you've got "the right stuff" as you take daring spacewalks high above the Earth's atmosphere to build an orbiting space station and tackle ricky satellite rescues.

Then, when your operations are completed, prepare for a hero's welcome after you land at Edwards Air Force Base.

-Six top-priority outer-space missions.
-Awesome launch sequences
-Multiple shuttle views and out-of-shuttle space walks.
-Authentic digitized voice of mission control.
-Personalized security code confirms flight record and gives you clearance to begin at advanced missions.




Released in November 1991 in the USA.


Designed by: John Van Ryzin
Music: Scott Marshall

Game's ROM.

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