Space Invaders

A 40-year-old Arcade Video Game by Logitec

Emulated in MAME !

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Space Invaders © 1978 Logitec Company, Limited.

A bootleg version of the original.


Space Invaders the Arcade Video Game
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Space Invaders the Arcade Video Game
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This bootleg of "Space Invaders" has a color monitor. While most of the screen remains B&W, the green is actually generated by the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and although it looks very much like an overlay it's not. Back then this pirated PCB, because of it's design and minimal memory room on the PCB, (remember we are talking old technology), the game was very complex for it's time. It used an old 8080 processor which unlike the Z80 processor, it had its limitations. When this game was first designed it was originally going to be released as a B&W game and not color. The green is done by taking a segment out of the video processing area of the PCB and pulling it down with a bipolar prom to generate the affect. There are actually 2 video lines on this pcb - 1 for B&W and the other for sync and color.


Logitec Co., ltd. was one of the sub-company of Taito. During the famous 'Invader Boom', Logitec made their own version. But Logitec doesn't have copyright. Then, Logitec and Taito relation was end. Logitec developed 'Pro-Golf', but this video game was a flop (mainly because Data East produced a game with the same name). So, Logitec became a Hard Disk manufacturer and Hard Disk recover Company.

This bootleg version is also available in a cocktail model, known by the same title as the original Taito Corp. Japan cocktail model (complete with "T.T" prefix).

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