Sord m.5

A 36-year-old Computer by Sord Computer

Emulated in MAME !

Information for the following ROM(s): m5 m5p m5p_brno


Sord m.5 © 1982 Sord Computer Corporation.

The Sord m.5 is a home computer launched by Sord Computer Corporation in 1982. Primarily the Sord M5 competed in the Japanese home computer market. Despite its short production run, the m.5 was supported by various big Japanese game developers such as Namco and Konami.


Sord m.5 the Computer
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CPU: Zilog Z80, 3.58 MHz
Video Hardware: TMS9918
40x24 text (6x8 characters), 224 user defined characters
256x192 graphics, 16 colours
32 hardware sprites (up to 16x16 pixels)
Sound Hardware: SN76489
3 sound channels
1 noise channel
6 octaves, 15 amplitude levels
RAM: 20 KB (of which 16KB is screen memory)
ROM: 8 KB expandable to 16KB

Machine's bios.
Machine's picture.