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Sonic CD [Model T-4407]

Sega CD published 31 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Sonic CD © 1993 Sega of America.

North American release.

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Game ID: T-4407


Sonic CD for Sega CD was released on November 19, 1993 in North America.

The game was rated GA (General Audiences: Appropriate for all audiences) by the VRC (Videogame Rating Council).

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North American staff only

Music Composed, Arranged & Produced (except where indicated) by: Spencer N. Nilsen
Co-Composed & Co-Arranged by: David Young
Vocals: Pastiche, Sandy Cressman, Jenny Meltzer, Becky West
Keyboards and Synthesizer Programming: Spencer N. Nilsen, David Young
Drums and Percussion: Brad Kaiser
Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Erik Frykman
Digitally Recorded and Mixed at SEGA Multimedia Studio, Redwood City - CA.
Engineered and Mixed by: Spencer N. Nilsen, David Young
Additional Musicw (Collission Chaos, Metallic Madness, Robotnik) composed by: Sterling, Armando Peraza, Bobby Vega
Produced by: Sterling, Charles Albert
Guitar, Keyboards and Fairlight III programming: Sterling
Bass: Bobby Vega
Percussion by: Armando Peraza
Engineer: Charles Albert
Programming Assistant: Roosevelt Hoover
Production Coordinator: Maurice Jackson
Recorded and Mixed at INTERMIX.
Rhythms for Palmtree Panic inspired by Mister E by: Pete Escovedo


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Game's CD.