Sonic 3D Blast [Model 1844]

The Sega Genesis Game by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

Sonic 3D Blast [Model 1844] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Sega Genesis Game

Sonic 3D Blast © 1996 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

North American release.


Game ID: 1844
Package ID: 670-9374
Cartridge ID: 670-9373


This game is known in Europe as "Sonic 3D - Flickies' Island".

This game was never released in Japan as a cartridge for the console itself; see the Ports section below for Japanese releases.



Nintendo GameCube usa (nov.10, 2002) "Sonic Mega Collection [Model DOL-GSOE-USA]"
Nintendo GameCube japan (dec.19, 2002) "Sonic Mega Collection [Model DOL-GSOJ-JPN]"
Microsoft XBOX usa (nov.2, 2004) "Sonic Mega Collection Plus [Model 64057]"
Sony PlayStation 2 usa (nov.2, 2004) "Sonic Mega Collection Plus [Model SLUS-20917]"
Microsoft XBOX japan (dec.9, 2004) "Sonic Mega Collection Plus [Model ZD6-00003]"
Sony PlayStation 2 japan (dec.9, 2004) "Sonic Mega Collection Plus [Model SLPM-65758]"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] japan (oct.16, 2007) [Model MBUJ]
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] usa (nov.19, 2007) [Model MBUE]
Microsoft XBOX 360 usa (feb.10, 2009) "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection [Model 68034]"
Sony PlayStation 3 korea (feb.10, 2009) "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection" by SCEI
Sony PlayStation 3 usa (feb.10, 2009) "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection [Model BLUS-30259]"


PC [MS Windows, DVD-ROM] usa (mar.9, 2007) "Sonic Mega Collection Plus"
PC [Steam] usa (june.1, 2010) "Sonic 3D Blast [Model 34278]"
PC [MS Windows, DVD-ROM] usa (mar.15, 2011) "Sega Genesis Classic Collection - Gold Edition"
PC [Steam] usa (jul.3, 2013) "Sonic Hits Collection"

Game's ROM.

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