Son Son II [Model H54G1003]

A 29-year-old NEC PC-Engine Game by NEC Avenue

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Son Son II © 1989 NEC Avenue, Limited.

Son Son 2 is a side scrolling platform game by Capcom, and sequel of the arcade game Son Son originally released in 1984. Son Son, a courageous monkey boy, is on a mission to deliver his close friends (Sanzo the monk, Hakkai the pig and Sagojo the kappa) held captive by a strange and enigmatic shadowy figure. He must travel through seven different worlds and fight an army of monsters, demons and other evil spirits with the help of his trusted magic staff. The goal of each level is rather simple - Son Son must use his platforming and exploration skills to find a key and reach the door that leads to the area's boss (or new sections later in the game), and he has to do all of this hastily or a red demon will appear and throw deadly lightning bolts at him. Additionally, Son Son can collect all kind of fruits and vegetables along the way that act as money - Zennies, as they are called, are mainly used in stores to purchase various items - such as health, magic potions, magic lamps (extra continues), power gloves (destroy breakable walls) - or to simply upgrade the magic staff. The almighty weapon is at the core of the gameplay and must be leveled up throughout the game - there are a total of six different staffs with progressively increasing power and reach. Aside from stores, and in the platform game tradition, a myriad of items are also available to collect throughout the game, from hearts (health), scrolls (magic), skulls (lose 100 zennies) to special abilities such as the flying cloud (used during boss battles) or Capcom's familiar special items such as the Yashichi windmill (increases health and magic) or the Pow icons (kill all enemies on screen and turn them into fruits). Magic also plays an important role in the game and Son Son can cast all kind spells, such as the average Magic Peach attack, the protective Shield, the explosive Bombs, the ability to Freeze Time or the powerful all-target Thunder Bolt (see the secrets section below to learn how to use magic). Finally, points that Son Son gain throughout the game apparently act as experience points, and increase his maximum health and magic as the game progresses.


HuCARD ID: H54G1003


Son Son II was released on January 27, 1989 in Japan for 5400 Yen.
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1. Son Son (1984, Arcade)
2. Son Son II [Model H54G1003] (1989, PC-Engine)

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