Sol Moonarge [Model ICCD3004]

A 24-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Irem

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Sol Moonarge © 1994 Irem Corp.

Irem is certainly most famous for its glorious series of shooters such as R*Type or puzzle games such as the cute Gussun Oyoyo. But Irem didn't only shine in those fields and Sol Moonarge is a perfect example of this. The game tells the story of Soleil, and later his son Sonia, two young tree people. Suspicious looking demons starts appearing all over the country and the King decides to send all his most valorous swordsmen seek for the Sword of the Sun and protect two Moon goddesses and the gears of fate. Soleil's journey starts in the small town of Itchy, and we will soon meet other friends who will accompany him in his long quest. They include the cute red-haired Mappy and the strong Nosu. Like any traditional role playing game, most of the action happen in towns and villages and the view zooms out when our heroes travel the world. However, Sol Moonarge also offers some neat side-scrolling and action based stages such as the Demon Tower, where Soleil will have to climb and jump from huge rotating gears. Combats are round based and an auto-fight option is available. It also offers an interesting experience system where the main character's magic and swordship skills can grow separately, depending on how often they get used in fights. This greatly influence our hero's abilities throughout the game. The gameplay is also influenced by a cycle of day and night, and some events only occur during this two sided time line. Shops are only open during daylight hours for instance and Soleil can only peep at some lovely next door neighbourhood's bath time at night...


Game ID: ICCD3004


Released on January 07, 1994 in Japan for 7700 Yen.
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