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Sol-Deace [Model T-49206]

Sega Genesis cart. published 32 years ago by Renovation Products

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Sol-Deace [Model T-49206] screenshot

Sol-Deace © 1992 Renovation

Portage of the X68000 game; "Sol-Feace".

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GAME ID: T-49206
BARCODE: 720238102009


Renamed Sol-Deace for an unknown reason and published as a cartridge in the USA only. Game released in Japan and Europe as a disc under the original name.

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Producer: Masaaki Uno
Director: Jun Hoyano
Executive Producer: Masahiro Akishino
Programmed by: J. Takahashi, S. Horishita, Yukihiko Tani (BugTaro)
Music Composed by: Motoi Sakuraba
Graphics by: Jun Hoyano, Mitsutoshi Yasumori
Music Supported by: Ryota Furuya
Mechanical Design by: Tadashi Hamada
Character Design by: Toshio Yamamoto
Thanks to: Panzer Ohmi
Special Thanks to: Kazuyuki Fukushima
All Produced by Wolf Team.


Game's ROM.