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Snatcher [Model KMCD2002]

NEC PC-Engine CD published 32 years ago by Konami Co., Ltd.

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Snatcher © 1992 Konami Company, Limited.

Snatcher is a Cyberpunk/Futuristic digital comic created by the prolific video game designer Hideo Kojima. The game takes place in 2047 in Neo Kobe City, fifty years after a catastrophic disaster in Moscow that released a secret biological weapon in the atmosphere, and claimed a large portion of the human population. Mysterious humanoid cyborgs called the Snatchers have started to appear regularly all over the city - although not much is known about their origins, it is clear that they are plotting to take over the world by killing their victims and stealing their identities. The player takes control of Gillian Seed, a member of the JUNKER organization that was created to eliminate the mysterious threat. However, Gillian and his wife Jaime Seed both suffer from amnesia. They were discovered in Siberia and can't recall the chain of events that led them there - but soon, the awareness of their past history reveals that they may be both connected to the recent events. Gillian is also accompanied by Metal Gear Mk.II, a small robot navigator that helps him investigate people and items, and also use a videophone to call anyone in the city. Snatcher is a traditional digital comic and features animated graphics and menu driven controls. Although the game includes a handfull of action scenes, all the text and menus are in Japanese, and a fairly good knowledge of the language is requiered to enjoy the game.


Game ID: KMCD2002


Released on October 23, 1992 in Japan for 7800 yen.

Snatcher was first released in 1988 for the PC-8801 MkII Japanese computer and for the MSX2.

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Appearance: Yara Y?saku, Koyama Mami, Inoue Kikuko, Shiozawa Kaneto, Tominaga M?na, Saikachiry?ji, Inokuchi Isao, Naya Gor?
Planning: Kojima Hideo
Original Screenplay: Kojima Hideo
Assistant director: Inoue Shinya
Character design: Kinoshita Tomiharu
Mechanic design: ?ta Yoshihiko
Original picture: Kinoshita Tomiharu, ?ta Yoshihiko, Yoshioka Satoshi
CG director: ?ta Yoshihiko
Graphic: ?ta Yoshihiko, Yoshioka Satoshi
Audio Video Sync: Mas?ru Ishii
Scenario Compiler: Adachi Toshiya
Command Interpreter: Sh?ka Kenwa
Scenario Configuration: Kojima Hideo, Inoue Shinya
Production: Inoue Shinya
Assistant director: Shinohara Kenji, Sh?ka Kenwa
Program: Sh?ka Kenwa, Shinohara Kenji
Shooting Program: Shinohara Kenji
Sound Program: Muraoka Kazuki
CD System Design: Sh?ka Kenwa
System Advisor: Hashimoto Kazuhisa
Music: Furukawa Motoaki (Kukeiha Club), Muraoka Kazuki, IKAchan, Prophet Fukami, Izumi
Acoustic: Muraoka Kazuki
Voice Linear Editing: Hashimoto Kazuhisa
Sound Director: Muraoka Kazuki
Recording: Abaco Creative Studio
Mixer: Abe Yukio, Abaco Creative Studio
Sound coordination: Nozaki Kimiko, Samusingu
Recording Cooperation: Chizaki Kazuyoshi (Music Station)
Recording Production: Kojima Hideo
Steel: It? Toshio, Ito Studio, Matsuda Hiroshi, Yoshioka Satoshi, Nagata Akihiko
Public Relations: Hayasaka Taeko
Poster Illustration: Kaida Y?ji
Package: Matsuda Hiroshi
Card Illustration: Kinoshita Tomiharu
Comic Coloring: Masuda Masanori
Manual: Matsuda Hiroshi
Making Of Video: Kojima Hideo, Yoshioka Satoshi, Nagata Akihiko
Cooperation: Yamada Yoshir?, Fukutake Shigeru, Sakamoto Shinya, Okamura Noriaki, Tateishi Kazuhiro, Furukawa Toshiharu, Shima Kenji, Tanahashi Masaaki, Ikeda K?ji, Tamura Shigeyuki, Yamashita Fumi, Hudson Soft, Roland Sound Space, Konami Institute of Technology
Produce: Nagata Akihiko
Director: Kojima Hideo


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;