Smash T.V. [Model NES-5V-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 30 years ago by Acclaim Ent., Inc.

Smash T.V. [Model NES-5V-USA] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Smash T.V. © 1991 Acclaim Entertainment, Incorporated.

Congratulations! You're the next lucky contestant on the game show with the ultimate in prizes... YOUR LIFE! Sorry, no mindless blondes spinning your wheels here. Just deadly action, flying shrapnel, and total carnage - all in front of a live studio audience! Instead of picking vowels, you pick up 6 futuristic weapons like triple photon lasers and lethal plasma grenades. And the 2 controller action gives you 360 degree arcade firepower.

Sure, you can win toasters and microwaves... after you defeat hordes of cyborg mutants, power orbs, tactical assault tanks and the 30-ton Mutoid Man! Any wonder this show's #1 in the ratings? Don't forget to wave hello to Mom!

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Model NES-5V-USA


Smash T.V. for NES was released in September 1991 in USA.

Goodies for Smash T.V. [Model NES-5V-USA]
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Level Select: At the players/control select screen, hold at least one B button on any controller along with at least one Down button on any controller then press, but not hold the Start button for the Level Select. So you can press Down + B only on the first or the second controllers, or Down on the first, B on the second, etc...


Developed by Beam Software.

Programmer: Jamie Rivett
Artwork: Ken Newman, Holger Liebnitz
Play Testing: Ann Davie, Justin Halliday, Arthur Kakouris
Producer: Adam Lancman
Special Thanks to: Mark Turmell
Music: Marshall Parker
Sound Effects: Gavan Anderson
Sound Driver: Brian Post
Stage Theme & Ending Theme: Jonathan Hey


Game's ROM.