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Slamscape [Model SLES-00427]

Export Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

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Slamscape © 1997 Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

European release. Game developed in the USA. See the original for more information.

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Game ID: SLES-00427


Featuring an interactive soundtrack by: Jeff Turzo, David Reilly
Producer: Andrew Pines
Programming: Todd Squires, Eddie Gaul
Design & art direction: Todd M. Papaleo
Alias/Wavefront models, animations, & textures: Matthew Gilmore, Tom Zehner, Ken McAll
Audio producer: Michael Henry
Audio programming: Martin Wilde, David Grace
Assistant to the VNM team: Tina Malyj
Assistant to the MTVI team: Paige Wolfson

MTV Interactive
Creative director: Allie Eberhardt
Associate producer: Tony Calandra
Director of marketing: Mark Kirschner
Rights and clearances: Lisa Hackett