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Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball [Model 9001]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 37 years ago by INTV Corp.

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Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball [Model 9001] screenshot

Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball © 1987 INTV

Assemble a team of 5 players that will, under your control, score more baskets in four 12-minute quarters than the opposing team. Make 2-point shots, longer 3-point shots, and 1-point free throws, awarded for being fouled. Tie score at end of 4th quarter puts game into 5-minute overtime.


Model 9001


The speed of the on-screen players and their shot percentages are influenced by the players' statistics. Steve Ettinger compiled the stats from real pro players, using fake names (many borrowed from INTV and Mattel employees) to avoid licensing issues.

One group of Intellivision fans in Chicago became so addicted to Slam Dunk that they started searching in phone books from across the country for the names listed in the game credits, finally tracking down Steve Ettinger over a year after the game was released. They wanted to commission a custom version of Slam Dunk, using their names and playing statistics. Taken by the group's enthusiasm, Steve and Dave Warhol complied, providing them with a special prototype cartridge. Last Steve heard from them, they were still holding regular tournaments on their Intellivision.


* A player's statistics for 2-point and 3-point shots are based on an average distance from the basket and an average of jump shots and set shots. A player will shoot better than his stats show if you have him shoot closer to the basket or, if he's farther out, have him favor set shots.

* Passing often lets you get around a close defender, but be careful! A long pass toward a well-defended area will probably be intercepted. On the other hand, a long pass from a well-defended area can work since the thrown ball goes faster than players run.

* If the end of the game is close, you're behind, and the other team is trying to run out the clock (not shooting for as long as possible to keep possession), be more aggressive covering the man with the ball and try for a foul -- you'll have a chance to get possession after the free throw (and instead of fouling, you might just steal the ball). Just make sure your man hasn't already fouled out this game, or the other team will keep possession after the free throw.

* If you are on offense trying to run out the clock and defense is trying to foul you, avoid running with the ball (you can only be fouled when dribbling or shooting) -- move the ball with short passes. If you must move the ball by running, use your best free throw shooter, in case he is fouled.


Design/Program: David Warhol, Steve Ettinger
Graphics: Connie Goldman
Sound: David Warhol
Package photograph: Adam Yurman


Game's ROM.