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Sky Kid © 1986 Namco, Limited.

Sky Kid is a cartoony looking side scrolling shooter by Namco and conversion of the arcade game of the same name originally released in 1985. Players take control of the notorious "Red Baron" and "Blue Max" fighter biplane pilots. Thematically, the action takes place in a setting loosely based on World War I - but it also embraces many fantasy related elements and stars an extravaganza cast of anthropomorphic birds. In the midst of a war against an evil crow army, the two ace pilots are given their most perilous missions - onboard their fighter biplanes, then must fly deep into enemy territory and destroy various ground targets. In each level, players go up against enemy ace squadrons as well as tanks, artillery and other submarines and war aircrafts. However, and this is what makes Sky Kid unique, bombs appear in each level and must be picked up by the player, then carried safely without being hit, and dropped onto a specific location (enemy fortress or battleship) for points. Although the first action button fires the plane's machine gun, the second button performs evasive loop maneuvers, allowing the player to escape deadly situations or to take out enemies on its tail. The pilots also possess the ability to save their planes in case of a spinning nose dive - when hit, each plane will suddenly make an uncontrollable dive to the ground, and repeatedly tapping the loop button can prevent the fatal crash. Obviously, this advanced technique becomes harder to pull off as the game progresses. Sky Kid features twenty six levels and a simultaneous two-player mode.


Game ID: NSK-3900


Sky Kid for Famicom was released on August 22, 1986 in Japan for 3900 Yen.

Sky Kid for the Famicom system shows many differences with the original arcade game. Many of the elements found throughout the games are slightly different and some entirely new ones have been added, such as the cheering blue girls or the blue combat airship. Various elements are also directly borrowed from Sky Kid Deluxe, such as the blue penguins (who, in this version, turn into polar bears instead of pints of beer), the ice dome bases, the Raijin gods of lightning, the sun, the moon and so forth... Finally, the Famicom port features several exclusive elements not found in any of the original arcade games - it includes more levels (twenty six instead of twenty one), bonus stages (in the shape of floating bonus targets), new background elements (such as volcanoes) and enemies (such as hi-speed rockets).

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[US] "Sky Kid [Model NES-SY-USA]"




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Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [JP] (apr.1, 2008) "Sky Kid [Model FECJ]"

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