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Sky Dancers - They Magically Fly! [Model AGB-B4DE-USA]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 18 years ago by Crave Ent., Inc.

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Sky Dancers - They Magically Fly! [Model AGB-B4DE-USA] screenshot

Sky Dancers - They Magically Fly! © 2006 Crave Ent., Incorporated.




Produced by: David A. Palmer
Programmed by: Nigel Speight
Artwork by: Peter Tattersall, Greg Harris
Audio by: Mark Cooksey
Levels by: Martin Smith
Senior Vice President, Crave Entertainment: James Flaharty
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Product Development & Acquisitions: Mark Burke
Senior Producer: Kathy A. Bucklin
Associate Producer: Thomas Quast
Quality Assurance Manager: Tuan Trinh
Quality Assurance Lead: Brian Cutts
Primary Testers: Nam H. Kim, Darold Higa
Quality Assurance: Anthony Lee, James Dodd, Jo Ann Faustino, Steven Gay, Aaron Hartman, Roger Hu, Tony Martin, Ramon Ramirez, Marti Rivera, Denis Takara, Paul Taniguchi
Director of Marketing Services: Sheri Furumi Snow
Director of Brand Marketing: Doug Panter
Package Design by Truth - Santa Ana.
Special Thanks: Nima Taghavi, Michael Maas, Robert K. Dyer, Robert Bryant, John Bloodworth, Judy Taubel


Game's ROM.